Il Sogno The Christmas Special


  • It is July and Ed, Edd & Timmy, known as Il Sogno decided to record a Christmas Album and perform a PBS Christmas Special in time for December. As usual, Il Sogno's tour bus driver/road manager, Eddy grumbles and rants that it's not Christmas and that it's July. Timmy's wife, and Il Sogno manager, Bubbles Utonium Turner and the rest didn't care. They just went on to record the Christmas Concert from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Bubbles, Timmy, Edd, and Ed loved the stage-set type, but Edy didn't care one bit. Once again, they were accompanied by conductor Steven Mercurio, and the Il Sogno Orchestra. Il Sogno put on a spectacular Christmas concert no one would ever forget. Jeanette Miller ("The Christmas Song" with Il Sogno and "The Prayer" with Ed), Brittany Miller ("Mis Deseos / Feliz Navidad" with Il Sogno), and Tommy and Tammy Turner ("When Christmas Comes To Town" duetting with each other) were the special guests for the spectacular Christmas concert.



  1. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  2. Christmas Medley ("Jingle Bell Rock", "Let It Snow", and "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year")
  3. Panis Angelicus
  4. Adeste Fideles (Timmy's Solo)
  5. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  6. White Christmas
  7. Ave Maria
  8. Hijo De Dios (Edd's solo)
  9. O Holy Night
  10. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
  11. When Christmas Comes To Town (Tommy & Tammy Turner's duet)
  12. The Little Drummer Boy (Featuring Jackie Evancho)
  13. O Tannenbaum (Ed's Solo)
  14. The Christmas Song (Featuring Jeanette Miller)
  15. The Prayer (Ed and Jeanette Miller's duet)
  16. Notte Stellata
  17. Silent Night
  18. Mis Deseos / Feliz Navidad (Featuring Brittany Miller)


Quote 1Edit

  • (Wiki-concert Special opens inside the Il Sogno Tour Bus on the way to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, CA)
  • Timmy: Well, tonight is our recording for our PBS Christmas Special. I'm already in the Christmas spirit!
  • Edd: And we've certainly the Holiday Spiritual within in our rhythm for this special evening!
  • Ed: Like egg nog?
  • Bubbles: Christmas always brings me lots cheers and great love.
  • Timmy: And speaking of great love, I'll bet you'll be looking forward to what I have planned this December, eh Bubble-Biscuit?
  • Bubbles: *blushes and giggles* Spending Christmas cuddling with you and playing with the kids (in reference to Tommy & Tammy Turner) with their new toys always makes my Christmas shine.
  • Timmy: *blushes* And you, my dear, are the shining star to my tree. *kisses Bubbles on the cheek and Bubbles blushes* Want a hot cup of cocoa tonight after tonight's PBS recording.... with me?
  • Bubbles: Would you put cute little marshmallows in it?
  • Timmy: *gives spiritual smile* Of course I will, sweetheart.
  • Bubbles: Awwwww..... *hugs Timmy comfortably*
  • Edd: I've always been delighted to see you receive a warm hug from your wife, Timmy.
  • Timmy: Well, Bubbles is a big-time cutiepie--.
  • Eddy: BORING!!!!
  • Edd: Eddy, please show some respect, thank you.
  • Eddy: What's wrong with you people?! Have you all been diseased by Ed?! IT'S JULY!!!!
  • Timmy: Um, dude! It'll take us forever to try and attract fans to try to buy our Christmas album if we recorded in November or December. Lighten up for once, Skipper!
  • Eddy: I don't care what part of my whole name you call me, I STILL hate Christmas in July! And why does goody-goody Lisa have to drive our girly-looking tour bus anyway?!
  • Edd: Eddy, manners please, and Lisa did us a favor by offering to drive us to the Dolby Theatre while Timmy's parents, whom are also Bubbles' in-laws, drive Tommy, Tammy, Jeanette, and Brittany to the same performing arts district. Lisa even offered to help us prepare backstage when we freshen and suit up for our concert-recording tonight.
  • Eddy: *to himself* Yeah, like put that smelly perfume on (in reference to when the Kanker Sisters sprayed perfume on the Eds in "Know-It-All Ed*).
  • Ed: Can we perform inside the haunted concert hall where the Phantom Of The Earwax holds poor young opera singers hostage?
  • Bubbles: *shrieks* Please don't scare me, Ed!
  • Timmy: C'mon Lumpy, you know Bubbles is ultra-sensitive to your monster-movie stuff, especially what goes on in your peanut-brained head.
  • Ed: Mmmm..... can I have that on toast with gravy?
  • Eddy: Will you ever turn off Ed?!
  • Ed: Santa's number you are dialing is not in service, Skipper.
  • Eddy: Will you stop calling me that?! That name gives me gas!
  • Ed: Like jetplanes?
  • Eddy: *groans*
  • Lisa: Looks like we're here guys! The Dolby Theatre! I'll park in the Superstars Only spot, which was specially reserved for us.
  • Ed: Reservations? Like the ones you make at buffets when you're a special guest?!
  • Eddy: First off all, that's restaurants, NOT buffets, and second, there's never an off-button on you!
  • Ed: My mom says not to pick my belly-button.
  • Eddy: *groans*
  • (scene cuts to the Il Sogno Christmas stage)

Quote 2Edit

Quote 3Edit

  • (concert begins after "Waltz Of The Flowers" from "The Nutcraker")
  • Timmy (while entering the stage on the left side): Hey chicas! *an audience of young and teenage fangirls scream excitedly*
  • Edd (while entering the stage on the right side): Salutations, ladies!
  • [audience slowly fades into silence]
  • Timmy: Hi-ya Ed! *spots a huge gift-box in the center of the stage* Hey, guess Santa came early.
  • Edd: Timmy, Santa Claus doesn't even come until we're all asleep you know. *audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • Timmy: Yeah, and Eddy always wails and moans that Christmas stinks cause he always thinks he'll get clothes every year instead of jawbreakers. *audience laughs* Well let him get coal instead this year. *audience laughs louder and fades into silence* So shall we open our king-sized parcel?
  • Edd: I'd be happy to open it with you but.... but... *nods head side to side, then straight* where's Ed?
  • [Ed in his elf costume jumps and breaks out and of the gift box]
  • Ed: Merry Christmas boys and girls! Ho, ho, ho! *laughs* *fangirls scream excitedly in unison and fade into silence*
  • Timmy: *laughs* (then with sudden realization / rapidly) Wait, wait, wait, um... Ed?! First of all Lumpy, Where in the world did you come from, popping out that gift-box like a stupid jack-in-the-box, and secondly, why did you dress like a lousy court-jester?! *audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • Edd: First of all, it's an elf Timmy, and 2nd, you know we have a stage dress code Ed, right?.
  • Ed: *moans* C'mon Double-D, I wanna wear the costume! Please, please, please!*audience laughs and fades into silence* Timmy, should I, Ed wear my costume?! I'm an elf you know!
  • Timmy: Hmmmm.... Aahh, let's give him a dress-down Edd, after all it is Christmas you know,
  • Ed: Yeah! *laughs* Can we sing the song from the movie "I Was A Teenage Elf-Monster?" *audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • (intro to "I'll Be Home For Christmas" plays)
  • Edd: Well, how's about we sing something really soothing.
  • Ed: Like candy canes? *audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • Timmy: No, Lumpy. It goes something like this. (Il Sogno begins singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas").

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Quote 5 Edit

  • (After "Panis Angelicus")
  • Timmy: You know, we Il Sogno's voices also resemble each famous tenor, not only our friends Il Volo. Edd, you remember me telling you about me out-singing Tad and Chad in a sing-off in school once? (in reference to (When he told Edd the story in "Il Sogno: In Concert")
  • Edd: Why, yes I have! Tad and Chad were very stunned by your vocal power and became speechless for the majority of the school day.
  • Timmy: Yeah and that was a day where rich kids were too poor to have anything to say! (audience laughs and fades into silence)
  • Ed: Like mules? (audience laughs louder and fades into silence)
  • Timmy: No, Ed. Anyway, I thought of a song to bring some Christmas Cheer to all of us as I perform this beautiful song, "Adeste Fideles".
  • Ed: To fans, our performance will fly! (audience laughs and fades into silence)
  • Timmy: *unenthusiastically stares at Ed in unison to the crowd laughing and slowly fading into silence* Ha ha ha, very funny Ed. (to himself) not. (audience laughs and fades into silence) Anyway, this is my solo of "Adeste Fideles" and my "Luciano Pavarotti uniqueness" to my voice. (audience cheers and applauds as Timmy makes his way to the upper level on the stage and intro to "Adeste Fideles" plays in unison) *performs "Adeste Fideles"*

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Trivia Edit

  • In this wiki-concert Christmas special, Timmy dresses in Ignazio Boschetto's Christmas attire, Edd dresses in Piero Barone's Christmas attire, and Ed dresses in his elf attire. (as seen in the "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" episode "Fa La La La Ed").
  • In the middle of performing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (while Timmy was singing), Timmy and Edd spot Tommy and Tammy, Timmy's children in the front row, which it was scripted in their show, kindly came off the stage to pick them up and carry them on the stage.
  • Tommy & Tammy Turner's duet ("When Christmas Comes To Town") is from "The Polar Express".

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